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The Strongest Logic in the Contemporary Islamic World

Ours is the strongest logic in the contemporary Islamic world. There should not be any doubt in it.

In different stages of the history, it has been the grace of Shia logic of Imamate and Wilayah and even today it is strongest and dynamic logic. Despite the fact that we are satisfied and confident over our logic and reason and the standard of Islam is lying in the hands of Iranian nation, we call upon the world of Islam, whether they belong to any sect, for unity and brethren. We don’t want to create any difference. We don’t like to prove our existence by nullifying others and it is very important aspect. It is exactly the aspect that the enemy wants to make the position of Islamic world weaker than its present condition by way of influence and penetration. These people have always taken advantage of the weakness of world of Islam and Islamic governments since long and by this way they have done whatever they wanted.
Now, when the Islamic nations have awakened and when in one part of the Islamic Ummah i.e., Islamic Iran the marvelous awakening has taken place in which the power and authority of the people is being observed and other Islamic nations are becoming aware day by day, the imperialism today i.e., the perpetual enemy wants to spread the germs of differences in very deceptive and wicked manner on the structure of this part of the Islamic region. We have to resist against it. This is one of the lessons of Ghadir. One of the lessons of Ali (A.S) is that some people at that time came to him and said, O’ Ali (A.S)! It is your right, we stand by you and shall do this and that for you and you need not to come under pressure. The Lord of Believers (A.S) made them to go away. If he wished to defend his right and would had like to bring revolution, he didn’t need anyone for this purpose; but he saw that Islamic society didn’t possess any strength to bear any difference and conflict, he therefore, avoided it which is a lesson for all of us.
Today it is not the time for promoting and exposition of any difference. The sacred things or feelings of any Islamic sect need not to be harmed or insulted. To highlight the weak and subtle aspects of one another means to incite his feelings, which may result into creating of differences in the world of Islam, which should not happen and this is what we say.

Conviction to one’s Belief doesn’t mean Enmity and Confrontation to what others believe
Albeit the dependence of this issue is not concerned with the event of Ghadir only, instead it is related with every kind of belief and dialectical deliberations. It is in terms that the belief based on following of principles and laws of the religion should not go along with the aggression on the beliefs of other Islamic sects. Also the doctorial issues of differences need not be highlighted in general congregations of the people that may cause difference and division.
Two important and collective elements are found against unity that needs to be rectified. One element is our internal factor: Our religious persecutions, our devotions towards our beliefs, everyone has its own belief and faith, we need to control it. It is good and desirable to have faith and devotion for one’s own fundamentals and beliefs and it is also good to be adhered to it. However, while substantiating its authenticity one need not to cross the limits resulting in refusal, enmity and violation to others. All those brethren who come under the sphere of Ummah, they need to show respect and regard for each other. If they want to preserve their belief, they can do so, but they should keep in mind the respect and regard, the rights, thoughts and beliefs of others too. The deliberations and discussions should be confined to the learned circles only. If the clergy and experts want to have religious discussions, they can, but it should be an academic discussion and in academic atmosphere. They need not to criticize each other openly and not to publicize it and make it to reach to those who do not possesses the capability of academic evaluation and analysis, because it could create critical situation. The ulama and other responsible authorities need to control it and it is also obligation of all groups of Muslims. It is the responsibility of Shia as well as Sunnis. They need to take steps towards unity. This is an internal factor and element. There is another factor which is external and a tool for the enemies of Islam for spreading division and difference, which is not to be neglected. This element of division and disintegration has not come into existence only today but from the day when the self-imposed political powers of the world felt that they can prove affective for the nations and today it is more activated than before.

Islamic Unity, in the Light of Speeches of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Hazrat Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Khamenei
Compiled by Hujatul Islam wal Muslimeen Ali Khaliqpur
News Code:36661
News Source :imamreza.net
News Date :9/21/2016